Our AGIR Finance Department will advise you regarding

Life Insurance

Retirement / Pension

Financial Investments 

Financing and loans


Many products are available on the market ; know how to use them is
a matter of specialist.


AGIR Finance advisors select the adequate products considering
your objectives.


They advise you for the follow-up of your financial investments and for
the follow-up of your loans.


Financial investments are fully part of the patrimony, they represent

the liquidity within the global patrimony.

Each person must decide the level of risk he/she is ready to take,

which will define the outcome and return of the financial investment.


Invest your money or choose and manage your investments are actions 

that must be accompanied by the appropriate timing choice.


Invest and Manage your savings

Our group has selected blue-chip management organizations

and insurance companies, characterized by the originality of

the options proposed and therefore available.


These partners’ products will answer the various concerns you

may have relative to your patrimony (retirement, inheritance or

estate management, additional earnings, capital investments …)


Our company sees to it that everything goes smoothly, thanks to

a continuous follow-up, to optimize all the fundamental aspects

of your various investments. 


A specialized representative will thus bring you some adequate

pieces of advice and solutions, in terms of financial mountings

modification within the timeline of your investment, in order to

optimize the key couple safety / efficiency.



Do not hesitate to contact us for any information you need !