Our AGIR Finance Department will advise you regarding

Life Insurance

Retirement / Pension

Financial Investments 

Financing and loans


Many products are available on the market ; know how to use them is
a matter of specialist.


AGIR Finance advisors select the adequate products considering
your objectives.


They advise you for the follow-up of your financial investments and for
the follow-up of your loans.


Finance an acquisition or follow the evolution of an investment

already achieved, is a complex operation for the layman.


The financial engineering system has led to extensively develop

the Offer in terms of Credit. 


This notable increase of the financial systems has actually happened,

complexifying the understanding.


Your tailor-made financing formula


With all the existing types of credits,

What is the best formula and timing to realize your project ?

Our experts will help you to choose the best offer considering your 

profile and patrimonial ambitions.






Do not hesitate to contact us for any information you need !