Our AGIR Finance Department will advise you regarding

Life Insurance

Retirement / Pension

Financial Investments 

Financing and loans


Many products are available on the market ; know how to use them is
a matter of specialist.


AGIR Finance advisors select the adequate products considering
your objectives.


They advise you for the follow-up of your financial investments and for
the follow-up of your loans.


Life Insurance is a legal and fiscal, where financial assets and resources

of various kinds are invested (shares, bonds, raw materials …)


A simple investment in a complex environment

Life Insurance plays a great role in the financing of public and private 

business sectors all around the world.

The collected amounts invested about which we are referring to are 

huge, they represent nearly 1300 Billion Euros in France 

(Approx. $1720 Billion)

AGIR Finance brings you professional specialized representatives, 

experts in the areas of Bank-Finance and Finance.


They advise you and offer :


At The Subscription of Your Insurance Policy :

  • A full detailed information

  • An adequate contract to answer your needs

  • The fiscal optimization of the contract

  • The implementation of diverse provisions and terms

  • An initial management type


When you’re insured : Follow-up & Management

  • A follow-up of the legal and fiscal environment

  • A follow-up of your contract’s performances

  • A piece of advice concerning products’ trade-off

  • A permanent support to your ongoing issue


Do not hesitate to contact us for any information you need !