Our AGIR Finance Department will advise you regarding

Life Insurance

Retirement / Pension

Financial Investments 

Financing and loans


Many products are available on the market ; know how to use them is
a matter of specialist.


AGIR Finance advisors select the adequate products considering
your objectives.


They advise you for the follow-up of your financial investments and for
the follow-up of your loans.


The financing of your retirement period is a major issue.

It’s a recurring matter that imposes itself to each person : managing it

is about anticipation and forecasting. 


Each one of us is free ; Choose no to see or to forget the obstacle

doesn’t make it disappear.


The last official statistics show, contingent on your professional status,

some important earning losses that are likely going to get worse in

the next few years.


We would like to invite you to consult the study from the French

Magazine CAPITAL (specialized in Business and Economy),

these results clearly speak for themselves …


Besides, these forecasts had been realized taking into account an

average growth (obsolete) of the GDP (Gross Domestic Product)

of 2,5 % per year in the next few years.


Retirement : a key stake for all of us

As a consequence, it is necessary to care about this situation

and to prepare the future.


It is absolutely imperative to implement flexible saving solutions,

which are painless and performing, in order to build a retirement

equity that will allow to compensate all or part of this shortfall.


AGIR FINANCE brings you all its skills and rigor.


Its specialized representative and advisors specialized in retirement

will help you assessing your situation and will provide you

with some solutions adapted to your case.


Do not hesitate to contact us for any information you need !